• Bring your best sound along.
  • The coolest combo of music and soul.
  • Reykjavik. Go explore.
  • Reykjavik is a tribute to the fissured, flowy, foggy landscapes of the Northern hemisphere.

    Its ultra-compact, pebble-like design is just as intriguing and understated as the rough Icelandic nature that inspired this loudspeaker.

    The battle of elements below, the immense sky above. A journey into the unknown.
  • Reykjavik is Nordic simplicity in look and in use.

    Where raw, rough materials meet distinctive, delicate design.

    Available in nature’s finest materials. Covered in classic, high-quality Kvadrat wool or coming in a rough, rocky, anodized aluminum-version. A whole new surface to Vifa’s universe.

    Reykjavik combines the highly intuitive with the aesthetically attractive.

    A design in line with our legacy: creating outstanding sound.
  • Reykjavik is authentic sound on the move.

    The smallest loudspeaker in the Vifa range but nonetheless with a full-bodied sound.

    The reason? Its shape, allowing a 360-degree experience. Plus no less than three powerful drivers.

    Lots of soul, lots of sound.
Lavastone Black
Sandstone Grey


Proudly presenting the smallest Bluetooth speaker yet seen in the Vifa range: Reykjavik.
Prepare yourself for an eruption of sound. Encapsulated in a mysterious design evoking a multitude of undiscovered possibilities.

Be ready for the coolest combo of music and soul. 
It’s a gem in our collection.
Inspired by nature, made by man.

Reykjavik. Go explore.