Passion. Craftsmanship. Authenticity.

Those have been our core values ever since N.C. Madsen decided to replace a career in auto-mechanics by his true zeal: Loud-speaker technology. He did so decades ago; back in a small, Danish countryside village in 1933.

Vifa soon became the preferred supplier of loudspeaker units for many well-known high-end brands and kept that position into this century.

Obtaining the best possible rendering of sound is a matter of orchestration. It’s a complex calibration of multiple technical components. A knowhow passed on through generations of Vifa-engineers. Along with a legendary, no-compromise, attitude to quality.

But premium sound also deserves a high-end presentation. In 2012 Vifa therefore introduced a unique new product range of wireless and portable loudspeakers.
All based on the very proud heritage and technical expertise of the Vifa sound-engineers. 

That’s how we carry on with our founder’s commitment: A continuous strive for authentic sound.



New Zealand Distributor: 
 Denco Audio Ltd
PO Box 2650
Phone: +64 3 379 0743