• Exclusively made from quality materials
  • Bluetooth aptX wireless audio
  • Portable with Lithium-Ion battery
  • Force-balanced 65mm woofers for accurate bass
  • Digital pure path amplifier
  • Digital Sound Processing optimised for low distortion and authentic sound reproduction
  • iF Gold Design Award Winner
    • "The look and feel of the Oslo is sumptuous... However, it is the sound that steals your heart. At soft levels, the sound is clean and restrained, but turning it up makes the Oslo truly shine. It is full, natural, accurate, with a clarity rarely heard in a portable speaker." Sound and Vision Magazine

      "Yes, it’s a beautiful speaker to look at, but it delivers the goods in the audio department, too, with high fidelity and plenty of volume." Techhive.com
    • The things you cherish the most. From mere everyday basics, they grow over time, becoming your indispensable travel companions through life. How come? No one can say. You just know it when it’s there: It simply feels right.
    • The Oslo loudspeaker just received the extremely prestigious iF GOLD AWARD for its outstanding design.

      "The Danish-designed Vifa Oslo is a gorgeously appointed Bluetooth speaker that will look great in your living room: the perfect link between technology, sound quality and long-lasting design. The soft and well-formed handle extends in a single stroke from the speaker body, while upholstery-grade fabric covers the rest of the unit. The interface is hidden. Nothing more and nothing less!"

      These are the words of the jury behind the German iF International Forum Design-award, justifying the choice of Oslo for the special iF GOLD AWARD.
Anthracite Grey
Mountain Blue
Pine Green
Pebble Grey
Sand Yellow
Ocean Blue


Let your eyes follow the rim of the rounded shapes.

See the softness, sense how the cover carefully encapsulates the technology inside. Your first time with Oslo will touch your eyes and open your senses. The vivid colours, the surprising texture, the sensation that there’s much more below the surface. The embroidered volume-buttons at the front, hinting: I am a loudspeaker. Inviting you to approach, explore, discover.

Oslo is for real. Oslo is authentic, Oslo is genuine. An upright, compact design that whispers ‘Move me around, place me wherever you want.’ It’s Nordic aesthetics at its finest: Non-intrusive and discreet, yet remarkably confident about the statement it makes in any interior.

Look at the lines and linger in the most laid-back luxury one could imagine. No bragging, no bling. Simply made to be noticed.


Solitude and the city; Art director and magazine-maker Mikal Strøm takes us on a poetic trip across the Norwegian capital. In ‘The Sound of Oslo’ he leads the viewer to some of the uncountable spots for urban reloading that Oslo presents.

It’s all about that unique Nordic feel. From quiet off-season walks on the seafront over peaceful, plant-loaded interiors to bikes nervously racing the city’s streets, this short-movie will plunge you directly in to the Oslo way of living.