• 360 degrees of high-quality refined audio
  • Powered by two neodynium drivers
  • Sleek compact design weight of 0.3 kg for easy portability
  • Dust and water-resistant
  • Rechargeable with 12-Hour battery life
  • Noise-canceling speakerphone
  • Link two or more speakers with the easy pair feature, just touch two City speakers back to back for a few seconds to pair.
  • Meet City, the smallest Bluetooth speaker in our range. Available in six colour combinations, this little gem delivers a 360-degree sound experience. And when one is not enough, you can easily pair two or more to give you an even richer soundscape. A loudspeaker you’ll simply want to bring along since it’s crafted to never be a burden.

    This music has muscles. Whether you like to pump up the volume or prefer to turn it down, City will surprise you with its full-bodied sound. Due to a 360 degree dispersion, the sound is rendered at its very best, no matter how you face the speaker.

    Because home is where your music is.
  • "Despite its compact size, the Vifa City still manages to create music vividly, tightly and with sufficient balance. The speaker offers quite a bit of power in the low tones, gives the vocals enough warmth and keeps the treble tight and clear. Unlike many other small Bluetooth speakers, the sound does not appear tinny or closed."  All Home Cinema

    "a stylish speaker with good sound [and a] Scandinavian je ne sais quoi"  What? Hi-Fi

    "We loved that this speaker's design and audio exceeded the expectations of its reasonable price tag. Don't be put off by it being petite. Its size doesn't compromise the speaker's quality and makes it ideal for using when you're on the go"  Good Housekeeping
Stone Grey
Green Lemon
Burgundy Blush
Sage Green
Terracotta Blue
Ultramarine Coral